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At Peak Properties, we understand that purchasing a new home is a significant investment. We are here to make the experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We aim to provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your future home.

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What is the difference between pre-qualification and pre-approval?

Pre-qualification is the first step in the mortgage process, where you meet with a mortgage broker to determine how much you can afford to pay for a home. Pre-approval, on the other hand, involves applying for a mortgage and receiving a written commitment from a lender. Pre-approval is important for first-time buyers in Cheyenne as it shows sellers that you are a serious buyer and can afford the home you want.

How can I make sure I'm looking for homes that meet my needs and wants?

To make sure you’re looking for homes that meet your needs and wants, it’s important to make two lists: one for items you must have and one for items you would like to have. Realistically, as a first-time buyer, you probably won’t get everything on your wish list, but it will keep you on track for what you’re looking for.

What are the benefits of working with a REALTOR during the home-buying process?

It’s worth considering hiring your own real estate agent, one who is working for you, the buyer, not the seller. A professional agent can help keep track of all the details during the home-buying process and represent your best interests.

What factors should I consider when evaluating the location of a potential property?

When evaluating the location of a potential property, it’s important to consider factors such as school district, crime rate, proximity to positive (shopping, parks, freeway access) and negative (abandoned properties, garbage dump, source of noise) features of the area. To make an objective decision, try to look at the property as if you were the seller and consider whether a prospective buyer would find it attractive.

What steps can I take to ensure that I'm being thorough during the home-buying process?

To ensure you’re being thorough during the home-buying process, it’s important to include inspection and mortgage contingencies in your written offer. You should also have the property inspected by a professional inspector and request a second walk-through to take place within 24 hours of closing to check for any changes that were not agreed on.

What should I research before starting negotiations with a seller when buying a home?

Before starting negotiations with a seller when buying a home, it’s important to research the housing market in the target area. Focus on the particular property and seller and look for answers to questions such as why the homeowner is selling, how long the home has been on the market, and whether there are any defects in the home or problems with the surrounding neighborhood. As the potential buyer, you want the advantage, so do not give the seller personal information such as your income or the maximum you are able to pay for a down payment or the home.

How can I establish a timeline for negotiations with a seller and use it to my advantage in the home-buying process?

To establish a timeline for negotiations with a seller and use it to your advantage in the home-buying process, find out if the seller needs to have the sale closed sooner rather than later. If the seller is feeling pressured to sell, use that to your advantage in negotiating. Even if you, the buyer, are the one with the deadline for purchasing a home, don’t let yourself be rushed into making concessions or a purchase you may regret later.

What are the different types of mortgages available for buyers, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

There are several types of mortgages available for buyers, including fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs), and government-insured mortgages.

  • Fixed-rate mortgages have the advantage of a stable interest rate for the life of the loan but may have higher initial payments and slower equity build-up.
  • ARMs have the advantage of a lower initial interest rate and larger loan qualification but may have higher future payments and require careful consideration of the financial index and caps.
  • Convertible ARMs combine the initial advantage of an ARM with a fixed rate after a predetermined number of years.
  • Government-insured mortgages, such as VA loans for veterans and FHA loans for lower-income Americans, have specific qualifications and limits on the amount you can borrow.

What should I expect after opening escrow on a home purchase?

After opening escrow, you will need to provide a down payment and work with an escrow or settlement company to coordinate the purchase process. During this time, you will need to complete a variety of tasks including scheduling inspections, securing financing, reviewing the title report, checking local ordinances, obtaining homeowner’s insurance, and scheduling a final walk-through inspection. The period of being “in escrow” is typically 30 days, during which each item specified in the contract must be completed satisfactorily. Once the sale has closed, you will become the proud owner of your new home.

Seller Resources

Selling a property can be a complex and challenging process, but we are here to help. Our team of experienced real estate professionals will guide you through the process and help you make informed decisions. Whether you are a first-time seller or have sold multiple properties, our goal is to provide you with the information and resources you need to achieve a successful sale.

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Do I need a permit for home renovations?

Most cities require homeowners to obtain a building permit before making modifications to their residence, although the specific modifications that require a permit may vary by location. Failing to obtain a required permit can result in future problems such as being required to open walls or tear up floors for inspections, discounting the sale price of your property, or performing costly repairs before the title can be transferred.

Why do some homeowners skip the permit process?

Homeowners may skip the permit process because it can be time-consuming, inconvenient, and may result in an increase in property taxes. However, failing to obtain a required permit can lead to future problems and may end up being more expensive and problematic than obtaining the permit before work begins.

How can I ensure that renovations have been done with proper permits?

Prospective buyers can research whether all work on a property has been done according to code and with proper permits by going directly to Building & Safety in the municipality where the property is located or by hiring a “permit puller” to research the permits for them.

What should I do if I receive an alarming inspection report on a home I’m selling?

Don’t panic and get at least two opinions before making any decisions. Inspectors are only human and can sometimes be wrong. If you receive conflicting reports or are unsure about a problem, it’s a good idea to get a second opinion from a different expert.

What is a CMA in real estate and who can benefit from it?

A CMA, or Comparative Market Analysis, is a report prepared by a real estate agent that provides data comparing your property to similar properties in the marketplace to determine its worth. The agent inspects your property and obtains data on comparable properties to make an accurate assessment of its condition and worth. A CMA is not an appraisal and must be performed by a licensed appraiser.

What should I do if unforeseeable issues arise just prior to closing the sale?

If issues arise prior to closing the sale, negotiate calmly and look at all possibilities to find a win-win situation for both parties. In some cases, the most workable agreement might be for the deal to be called off. To protect yourself against last minute “buyer’s remorse,” make sure the purchase contract anticipates and closes as many loopholes as possible after all known defects have been fully disclosed.

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  • North Point Radon (970) 985-1127
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  • Christine Kronz (307) 634-9755
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  • MC Melendez Concrete (307) 257-8852

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  • ABC Seamless (307) 634-5700
  • Four Corners Siding (307) 514-6464

Garage Door

  • Automatic Garage Door (307) 634-3648
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  • Cheyenne Hauling (307) 256-1061
  • Joe & Johns Construction and Handyman Services (307) 630-6339
  • Stewy’s Handyman Services (505) 615-8079

Environmental Testing

  • Banyan Environmental (970) 222-6849


  • Bull Ridge Plumbing (307) 421-7877
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  • Mike Lucero (307) 631-2487
  • Silver Spur (307) 996-6642
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  • Super Carlos (702) 788-0480


  • APlus Charlies (307) 634-5145
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  • Affordable Roofing (307) 772-7777
  • All Seasons Roofing (307) 365-5470
  • Capitol Roofing (307) 638-7724
  • High Plains Roofing (307) 421-3870
  • Inman Roofing (307) 778-8053
  • Swedes Roofing (307) 638-3451
  • 911 Roofing (307) 514-5882

Home Inspection

  • Apex Property Inspections (605) 545-6465
  • Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections (970) 301-0951
  • Dunne Inspections (307) 575-7244
  • National Property Inspections (307) 433-0443

Structural Engineer

  • Hollingsworth & Associates (307) 635-2170
  • NCS (307) 760-5661
  • Nest Engineering and Design (307) 316-2342

Landscaping & Irrigation

  • Big Tree Landscaping (307) 638-4865
  • Double Tree Services (970) 901-1197
  • Zen Landscaping and Design (307) 761-2192


  • Custom Home Painters (307) 631-8812
  • Right Wey Painting (307) 214-206/ (307) 220-2532


  • Burke Moving and Storage (307) 635-3608
  • Two Men and a Truck (307) 200-4700

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